Im Heim alt werden oder Hilfe bei der häuslichen Pflege nutzen?

Who cares about other dependents, its performance is impressive. Often carers family, work and care manage simultaneously. The relief in the budget to nurses therefore wish of many. Helpling thereby provides a remedy: Free and without obligation can within a few clicks are tested or directly on the phone, whether a right to a free domestic help there.

Sooner or later, we all know someone who is dependent on care. Be it the partner, the grandmother, an uncle or his own mother. The theme of „care“ concerns us all. But what to do when parents who own partners or relatives, for example after a serious illness or in old age need care? Not infrequently comes with the care the helplessness and anxiety associated: Many of the affected family members do not want to go home. Ultimately means the diagnosis „of care“ a big change in life: And for both sides. Be there. For the relatives, which is firmly embedded in the workplace or the partner who is even at an advanced age

diagnosis of care

Cleaning, tidying up, shopping and ironing – which is on the list of many people who take care of their dependent family members. Add to that the actual and important task. The care of the patient itself to bring the Budget and the supply at the same time under one roof, so many nurses is not easy. It costs a lot of energy and time. Because it but the desire of the majority of people is to stay as long as possible to live at home, the legislator has strengthened the benefit for care at home earlier this year.

Among other things, the support and relief of family carers. Thus, this time for personal attention, rely on the other dependents. For assistance in the care home may be reimbursed, for example, up to € 2,418 to domestic service. Since Helpling the costs are billed directly to the care fund, the household help can thus get free. Everything sounds far too complicated? It is! Therefore we have set up a hotline (030 220 120 101), on her you can get free advice and suggested to the existing facility, so that you may can focus on the care of your loved one.

As the process of claim examination takes place at Helpling?

First of all it is checked on the website or in the telephone hotline if the eligibility requirements are available, such as whether the service is carried out for at least six months and official level of care exists. If a claim is made, Helpling sends the caregiver to an application, the signed and this returns to the company. Helpling then takes over the remaining settlement – from the application process to invoicing the booked via Helpling domestic help. Approved the checkout the application Helpling informed the nurses. This can book by phone for up to 13 hours per month for domestic help for free. If the claim is not, incidentally, used this expires at the end.

On what legal basis do you get the 13 hours respite care now?

Stated Robert Auer, consultant to the care at Helpling: „The respite care was originally intended that a nurses‘ day or week can take a break from caring and ordered, for example, a home care service for this time but this need is often even. . not to two-thirds of the care is carried out by the partners in this case, it is rather unusual that the nurses without the relatives a break -. for example, a trip -. competes it is then often desirable that a stranger, an outpatient service about which performs intimate care. this may be one of the reasons why the respite care is currently used so rarely. For those in need, it is much more sensible to use the services of respite care throughout the year, to regularly discharge with the less personal get work, such as cleaning and shopping. This type of relief offers many people the opportunity to allow the desire for home care often and longer „ .


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