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Have your upholstery cleaned by certified cleaning companies

  • Professional deep cleaning using a combined spray extraction process
  • Including impregnation – for long-lasting protection
  • Sustainable cleaning technology
Sofa wird professionell mit einer Spezialsauger gereinigt
Sofa wird professionell mit einer Spezialsauger gereinigt

How does an upholstery cleaning work?

1. Individual stain pre-treatment

For particularly adamant stains and special dirt.

2. Professional deep cleaning

With the combination spray extraction process.

3. Impregnation

Based on nanotechnology for long-lasting protection of your upholstery.

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Regular care of upholstered furniture can extend the life of your favourite pieces.

Do you ever wonder how to keep your upholstered furniture in top condition? Clothes that stain, pets in the home, and daily use all cause the condition of your upholstered furniture to deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance and especially cleaning is necessary to keep your upholstered furniture in good condition. Don’t know how to properly care for your upholstered furniture? Don’t worry, Helpling is just a click away.

Upholstery cleaning refers to deep cleaning of your upholstered furniture. This process is important to ensure that your upholstery is free from dirt, moisture, dust, dust mites and bacteria. These often damage the appearance and material of your upholstered furniture and can also lead to certain health problems.

What does upholstery cleaning involve?

Upholstery cleaning removes 99%* of dirt, allergens, germs, bacteria and dust mites.

*Depends on the type of stain and odour, and how long the stain has been there. Helpling cannot guarantee 100% removal.

When is the best time for upholstery cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning is usually done once every 6 months. However, if you have pets, it is recommended to increase the frequency to at least every 3 months. Since upholstered furniture takes 4 to 6 hours to dry, it is highly recommended to start cleaning during the day so that you can relax on the freshly cleaned upholstered furniture in the evening.


Sofa cleaning takes place in 3 steps.

First, there is an individual pre-treatment of the stains, in which particularly heavy soiling is pre-treated with the appropriate method. In the second step, the upholstery is deep-cleaned using the most suitable method. The final step is impregnation and sealing

It is recommended that sofas be professionally cleaned approximately every 12 months to prolong its life and ensure good hygiene. However, the cleaning frequency depends on various factors such as the frequency of use and the presence of pets or children.

Most types of sofas can be professionally cleaned, including leather sofas and upholstered sofas made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and microfiber. Our partners will be able to recommend the best cleaning method and solution for your specific sofa type.

No, our partners make sure that no harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning of your furniture that could harm your health or damage the fabric. However, some cleaning products can potentially cause allergies or in rare cases can cause unwanted reactions, so it is important to choose a professional cleaning service that uses environmentally friendly and skin-friendly cleaning products.

Our partners only use biodegradable, odorless cleaning agents that work by means of enzyme-free microsplitting and do not use bleach or surfactants at all.

No, we cannot guarantee the removal of stains, discolouration and odours. Upholstery stain removal is difficult. Each fabric only allows the use of cleaning agents to a certain extent, otherwise the material may be damaged. It is important to find the optimal middle ground during the cleaning process.

Yes, a nanotechnology-based impregnation is included.

Yes, since this is a household-related service, you can deduct the upholstery cleaning from the tax in accordance with § 35a Abs. 5 EStG.

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