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Liability Insurance

Last update: 03.01.2022

Damage occurred during a cleaning booked through the Helpling platform – what now?

As a platform, Helpling brings cleaners together with people who need help in the household. Helpling connects cleaners who are self-employed and have a trade licence with customers. It is the responsibility of a self-employed person to have, among other things, their own business liability insurance.

If a cleaner does not have their own liability insurance Helpling has taken out their own business liability insurance as a precautionary measure. This insurance also covers the cleaner for damage caused by cleaning. This covers damages from 500 Euro up to 5 million Euro.

Helpling’s liability insurance is an additional service designed to provide customers with the highest level of security. The aim is to protect customers from major damage (e.g. floor damage). The settlement via Helpling’s liability insurance is possible for claims exceeding 500 Euro.

What happens in the event of damage?

If something should break during a cleaning, we ask you to send us an email to within 24 hours of the damage occurring, We will also ask you to send us photos of the damage, as well as in the case of a repair, a cost estimate. If the damage exceeds 500 euros, we will inform our HDI business liability insurance, which will then examine the case and take further action.

In the event that the damage exceeds 500 euros and the business liability insurance covers the payment, we would like to point out that our insurance only pays the difference between 500 euros and the claimed amount. This means that the party causing the damage – in this case the cleaner – is responsible for reimbursing the first 500 euros.

If the claim is below 500 euros, it is not covered by the business liability insurance, which means that no settlement can be carried out via Helpling. In such cases, we recommend that the customer directly contacts the cleaner. Since the cleaners work on a self-employed basis, we have no authority to issue instructions. For legal reasons it is unfortunately not possible for us to intervene in the event of disagreement. In this case, it is up to the customer whether they wish to take further steps to claim compensation from the cleaner. In contrast to cooperation via the black market, Helpling has all the important data needed to track the case (e.g. identity card details and telephone number).

You can find the legal terms and conditions for you as a customer here

Do you have further questions regarding liability insurance or the report of damage? Visit our help portal!