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Professioneller Maler streicht eine Wand weiß
Professioneller Maler streicht eine Wand weiß

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The painting service at a glance:

  • Travel included
  • Preparation of the workspace:
    – Including minor filler work
    – Taping off corners, edges, and switches and sockets
    – Floor protection
  • Application of wall paint. White paint is included in the price.
  • Disposal of painter’s tape and leftover paint

from 8,50 € per sqm

Larger filling works will be charged separately. Colours (except white) must be provided by the customer and are not included in the price.

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Personal testimonials from customers

“I booked the service to paint my living room wall through Helpling. An excellent job was done and the wall now looks fresh and spotless again.”

Lena M.


“The painter was very accommodating and patient. He explained the process in detail and I was impressed with how fresh and new the wall looked after the work was done! I highly recommend this service.”

Marc D.


“My three rooms were painted on the spot without leaving any mess. The result is impressive. Thank you!”

Muriel M.


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For your protection, all cleaners on the Helpling platform are covered by liability insurance up to €5 million. You can find more information in our T&Cs.

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Helpling was named the best online cleaning service in 2021 by DtGV and scored highly in the categories of price, booking convenience & cleaning quality.

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Regular Painting Gives Your Walls a Fresh Shine

Maintaining your cozy home in a radiant condition might feel challenging. Daily wear and tear, accidental spills, or just the desire for a style refresh – all these are reasons why a fresh coat of paint on your walls becomes necessary from time to time. Additionally, regular painting protects your walls from moisture, mold, and other external influences. That’s why Helpling offers professional painting services.

If you’re unsure about how to redesign your walls, you can easily book a painting service through Helpling’s online platform with just a few clicks. Their dependable painting service ensures a smooth finish and impeccable results, effectively covering old paint, irregularities, and unsightly spots.

What does the painting service through Helpling include?

The painting services you book via the Helpling platform guarantee a premium paint application that combines protection with aesthetics*.
*The final outcome depends on the wall’s condition, chosen paint, and various individual factors. Helpling cannot assure a uniform result.

When is the best time for painting?

There’s no fixed timeline for repainting your walls, but it’s advisable to do so as soon as you notice signs of wear or discoloration. However, if you’re planning to sell or lease your home, a fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance its value and appeal.

Walls typically dry within 12 to 24 hours, depending on the environmental conditions. Hence, Helpling suggests scheduling your painting tasks well in advance to ensure you can enjoy the freshly painted room or space without any disruptions.


The painting service offers a comprehensive range of services. This starts with the professionals travelling to and from your location. They take care of preparing the work area, which includes minor filling work. The painters take the time to carefully mask off corners, edges, switches and sockets. They protect your floor by appropriately covering it with painter’s fleece as well as tarpaulins and then apply the wall paint for a clean result. Once the job is complete, our partners will take care of disposing of painter’s tape and excess paint residue to leave you with a clean home.

The cost of painting services is calculated per square metre. Prices for the service start at €8.50 per square metre. This value for money has been carefully calculated to give you the highest quality at a competitive price.

The basic price already includes the white wall paint. If you decide to use a different colour, please provide it as it is not included in the base price.

It’s easy with our user-friendly platform. Just enter your postcode and we’ll show you a list of painting professionals in your area. You can then book them conveniently and easily.

Of course you can. We understand how important flexibility is. You can select your preferred date on our platform and request it easily.

No, larger filling work require additional effort and material. An example of major filling work would be repairing deeper cracks or holes in the wall, smoothing highly uneven surfaces or preparing walls after removing wallpaper. These works will be charged separately. We will always communicate this transparently in advance.

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