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  • Corona precautions can protect each other
  • Communicate expectations and queries before cleaning appointments
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  • 3G conform cleaners
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Covid Header

It is important to us that your cleaning appointments are worry-free, even in the current situation:

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3G regulation

Premium cleaners are required to comply with the 3G regulation for cleaning appointments. Also on the platform you can find cleaners who indicate in their profile that they comply with the 3G regulation.

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Inform contacts

If you are ill with COVID-19, please inform your contacts as soon as possible.

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Cancel early

If you feel unwell or if people in your immediate environment show symptoms or are ill with COVID-19, cancel upcoming appointments early.

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Wear a mask

Always wear a mask during cleaning appointments for your own protection and the protection of the other person.

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Keep your distance

Keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from other people.

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Washing hands regularly

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and also dry them thoroughly.

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Ventilate regularly

Ventilate regularly in enclosed indoor areas.

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Adapt cleaning

Please discuss whether cleaning should be adapted in light of the current challenges with COVID-19 (e.g. use of disposable cleaning cloths, disinfection of certain surfaces).

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Cough and sneeze

Use the crook of your arm or a paper tissue, which you then dispose of directly.

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Frequently asked questions from customers

Our service is still available and cleaners can be booked as usual.
Please check your Helpling account regularly for updates and news before the booked appointment. If your appointment has not been cancelled in advance, your cleaning should take place.
Discuss the current situation with your cleaner to eliminate concerns on both sides. We recommend the use of disposable gloves and, if necessary, new cleaning utensils. You can also point out to your cleaner any areas that require special attention in view of the current situation (e.g. door handles, window handles or the flush button on the toilet).

The cleaners were made aware of the recommendations of the German Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA). They were also advised to cancel upcoming appointments in case of concerns or suspected illness.

In case of a cancellation you have the possibility to support your cleaner financially via the app or website. To do so, simply select the amount you’d like to give to your cleaner during the cancellation process – Helpling will of course not take any commissions from these payments.

Frequently asked questions from cleaners

We recommend that you talk to your customer directly about the current situation. In addition, it also makes sense to follow the general hygiene measures when cleaning and the use of disposable gloves.

We recommend that you cancel upcoming appointments as soon as possible at the first sign of symptoms or discomfort. This will give your customers enough time to find a replacement.

Based on the recommendations of the BzGA and the Federal Ministry of Health, we have compiled the above recommendations for cleaners and customers. Please note that these are general precautions.