Amsterdam Court: Helpling is a mediator and not an employer

Amsterdam, 1. July 2019

Amsterdam, 1. July 2019: Today, the Amsterdam Court ruled that Helpling is classified as a mediator between households and domestic cleaners. According to the court, the online platform is not a cleaning company nor an employer. The lawsuit was handed in by the labor union FNV last autumn. Helpling feels strengthened by the court's ruling and will continue to expand its business in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Court has confirmed that domestic cleaners work on the Helpling platform on the basis of the Home Services Regulation, which is customary in the Netherlands for household work and babysitting. The fact that the District Court regards Helpling as a mediator has no consequences for the experience of the users of the platform. The company will only be required to make minor operational adaptations in order to be fully compliant with the court’s ruling. One example of such a change will be to the platform’s commission structure.

Michelle van Os, Managing Director of Helpling in the Netherlands: “We feel strengthened by the judge's ruling that Helpling is classified as a mediator and not as an employer. The verdict is relevant for the entire home cleaning industry and will allow us the ability to continue bringing transparency and structure to an industry otherwise dominated by the black market. We are delighted that tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands can continue to benefit from the Helpling platform. For a customer, finding a domestic cleaner that perfectly suits their needs was never that accessible. Besides that, domestic cleaners have total flexibility since they can decide where, when and for what price they wish to work.”

Helpling is active in 10 countries and therefore the largest online platform for household services in Europe. The company started in 2014 with the mission to become the digital hub for all household services. Since then, more than 1 million homes have been cleaned via the online platform worldwide.


Karen van der Kruit
Head of Communications Netherlands
[email protected]